Last furnace repair

I really love the spirit of the beach and the sea and I try to bring that spirit home from the shore each night when I return by listening to old 60’s surf music while watching a movie about the sea.

  • When I die I want my ashes to be tossed into the sea so that I can go back to the place that I love.

There is something about the ocean and the sea that relaxes me and makes me feel like all of the problems in life are not really a big deal at all. The natural climate control of the sea breeze makes me feel comfy while I sit in the sand and feel the heating from the sand on my toes. I like going to the beach a couple times a day and will probably always live within a five minute walk of the coast. I plan on working for this local contractor when I move back home one day and will keep working for him doing ductwork cleaning till my knees can’t do it anymore. I guess I like doing the work because it reminds me of working for my dad back in the day when he was running his own company. He was a heating contractor for many years and taught me a lot about the craft and he also helped me become an HVAC expert. I will always be grateful for everything my dad taught me and I will never forget all that he did for me in my life growing up. I love you pops, RIP.


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