HVAC tech with an ego

There are a bunch of enjoyable volleyball players out on the beach right now, but they aren’t my clan and are a bit closed minded, so I just stay away from them.

  • Some of these volleyball players have over inflated egos and put themselves on a lonely pedestal thinking they are better than you.

This is a small minded person and I don’t choose to be friends with them. I’ve run into these circles in a lot of the pursuits that I have done in life, and I have learned to just leave them alone and let them bask in their greatness. Air quality control is more on my mind than them today as I work on cleaning my whole home media air cleaner. I’ve been in the volleyball world for over 30 years and I’ve learned that there are some players who you just can’t fasten with, and that it is better to just leave them be rather than trying to change them. This one heating dealer, who is an entirely enjoyable pro player, just got beat yesterday by a mixed pair team, which was sweet to watch I must say! I told the girl who beat him how proud I was of her, and I don’t know if she even knows the damage she did to his ego. He works as a heating and air conditioning tech and I’ve seen him working around the neighborhood a lot but I never try to talk with him because he is in his own head too much of the time. I like to hang out with the fun players and not the egocentric ones.

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