Grateful for cooling and heating

I had a good talk with my friend last night about energy and how we can be pushing people out of our lives without even really realizing it. When it comes to love we can feel as though we don’t deserve it for whatever reason and sell ourselves short. My aunt is 67 years old and has been single now for like 10 years, and when I was staying at her home last Christmas it was a depressing feeling. She has surrendered to living alone the rest of her life and it is a sad thing to me. My heating supplier boss told me to keep the heart open and don’t give up like her, or you’ll end up sitting at home alone and staring at your air purifying machine for the rest of your life. I don’t want to be alone so I am going to have a talk with myself and remind myself that I am worthy of love and to keep my heart open. I would not want to be working all day at the HVAC business and then coming home to my two cats and that’s it, or even worse, coming home to no cats and just a humming air conditioner or heater. I have been guilty of pushing away potential loves the past year but I just wasn’t interested in them and would only be lying to myself if I tried to date them. I meet women at the cooling corp now and then, but none of them I find as interesting as the one I lost last year.

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