Six space heaters coming soon

Wow, I think I must have drank a few too many beers last night because I am really foggy this morning.

The summer season is rolling around, and just like last year, the partying is starting to ramp up.

This summer is going to be really busy between volleyball, partying, and all of the music gigs we will be doing. It will be a fun summer but I am sure I will put some extra miles on my body too. I just need to watch it with the beer because these clowns drink every night and I don’t want my heating supplier job to be in jeopardy because I am too tired to work for the HVAC company each morning. I can’t wait till I hit 62 because I’ll get almost a thousand bucks a month and it will ease my money worries away. I also have an HVAC tech stock that may be worth 100K in about three or four years, so between the two of them I should be on easy street in not too much longer. My total bills for the month here overseas is about $1250, so getting that 1000 bucks would really make it easy for me each month to cover my bills. I also will be making more money playing in local businesses in my band soon, which is great because then I could cut back on my hours at the cooling corp and focus more on myself and my band. I think we have a great sound and can make some good cash doing gigs in clubs.


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