Electronics store has powerful heating and cooling

I have definitely been hanging out at the electronic’s stores more and more as of recently.

  • And surprisingly, it’s not really because I am interested in buying anything, I just hang out there because of the powerful commercial cooling system.

When I originally went to this actual electronics store, I was trying to find a set of speakers and a new keyboard for my tablet. While I was also looking, I couldn’t help but notice how relaxing it felt inside the store. Outside, it was over 90 degrees and incredibly heated. My own apartment wasn’t much better, my central cooling device is pretty weak, and can only efficiently cool on days that are around 68 degrees. So in weather like this, I just expect it to be hot. But when I was actually in this store, I had completely forgotten about the disappointing outdoor rapidly changing temperatures, it felt so relaxing in there as well. That is when I had the idea to start coming every day and enjoying the cooling breeze. The employees don’t really seem to mind, so long as I am not bothering anyone. I usually bring a book to read, or watch videos on my phone for a little while. Then when it is later in the day and cooling down, I go home. I have spent every afternoon in the electronics store so far this week. During the day and at night, I stay at home. Sometimes I get delicious ice cream from the nearby store for an extra cooling effect. I have a feeling I will be here until Summer is over.

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