She wanted to keep the old a/c.

I could not figure out why, however when the modern a/c equipment was installed, my partner wanted to keep the old one.

She told the HVAC dealers to put it in the backyard, and she would take care of.

I told them to take it with them, because I didn’t want that eyeahore in the backyard. My friend and I argued for several days over her wanting the a/c unit. I wanted to know what she was going to do with it. She said there were still good parts in there, that could be used if my buddy and I needed them in the future. It was twenty years old, and I wasn’t sure any of those parts would fit our modern a/c unit. She said she may also be able to get currency for the a/c parts. My friend and I may not be able to use them, however she was sure someone else could. She also wanted to sell the brass that was inside. I looked at all the stuff that was in the garage and kept me from putting my automobile inside. It was things she had saved over the last two decades, that she was sure could be used someday. If it hadn’t been used in twenty years, I was sure it was never going to be used. I told him the a/c equipment would be put in the garage and swallowed up like everything else. She got angry and told me I should call Got Junk and let them take everything away. I should have known she would be angry when she got the next afternoon, and the garage was empty except for our good patio set.



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