Duct sealing and cleaning to prevent Spring dust irritations

Suppose there are dust irritations that I have found hard to manage, pollen and dust dust irritations, especially during Spring.

My wonderful friend and I all have them.

My husband and two kids must keep up with heating service, especially changing the filters to keep the air fresh and triggers away. During a heating repair on our furnace, our property services Heating, Ventilation plus A/C tech told us that if my buddy and I wanted to stay ahead of the seasonal flu symptom triggers l, we would have to add air duct cleaning and care to our routine heating device care. I learned how the ducts came into the equation when the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C serviceman explained that the dirt in the air filters passes through them and possibly collects within unless the blower or something else is strong enough to push it out. That was something we would never done since moving to our home, and the heating dealer had yet to find a reason for us to disinfect the ducts, however five years is wonderful enough time to have them cleaned, so my buddy and I agreed to it, when I told my husband, he thought it was a lot of work and service and possibly a sign for us to go ductless with a heat pump like our neighbors, however then we would still need an alternative heat source for the coldest afternoons. I still did not get the whole fuss about trying new heating technology because it felt like another expense in the heating industry that my buddy and I couldn’t afford. My wonderful friend and I had already updated to a digital temperature control which was his idea, however I was not ready for another change. So I stressed for duct cleaning, which revealed my buddy and I had minor cracks that could let in dust and other debris, but however, despite my fears that it would be a giant problem, duct sealing was enough to service the cracks, and our property was respectfully Spring ready.


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