The personal injury attorney was undoubtedly pushy.

My partner in addition to I was t-boned by a car that was speeding in addition to going through a stop sign.

When I woke up in the hospital, I had a fractured jaw, broken arm, and my eye was nearly pulled out of the socket.

The healthcare expert told me I was fortunate to be alive because of the concussion I sustained. My partner wasn’t harmed, however was nearly arrested. He got out of the car to kill the driver of the car that hit us. The child didn’t have a driver’s license in addition to drinking. My partner thought I was dead until he heard me yell at the ambulance driver. We were told my friend and I needed to hire a personal injury lawyer so my friend and I could sue the insurance contractor. Luckily, the young man’s car was insured through his mother’s insurance contractor. He ended up in jail, in addition to my friend and I were in for a fight. Our personal injury lawyer told us it was going to take up to two years to get any money for the injuries, future pain in addition to suffering in addition to loss of conjugal rights for my partner. I was never going to work again. Our insurance paid for our car in addition to my personal injuries, in addition they were suing the insurance contractor for what they had to put out. Our personal injury lawyer told us their insurance had riders that paid up to one million dollars for personal injury lawsuits, in addition to they were going for every penny of it. I felt terrible for his mother, because she was going to lose everything, however she divulged she had no control over her son, in addition to not even trying to stop him from taking the car.


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