The indoor air quality was great

Whenever I was young, we did not need an HVAC system in our house by the beach. We used to live literally right on the beach in a tiny property that was one of the first ones there. As time went by, the beach has been built up as far as houses and businesses go. But when I was a kid, there was hardly anyone there and we appreciated it. It was basically like having our own private beach most of the time. One of the things that I liked about it the most was the fact that I didn’t have to have an HVAC system in the house. I guess I should say that’s what my parents liked about it. They didn’t have to pay high heating or cooling bills at our property and our indoor air quality was good all year long. I know that it was easily a halcyon time of life for me. Most people don’t have a childhood like that, especially these days. Anyway, I didn’t need a heating unit like an electric heating unit or a gas heating unit because it never got that cold around where we lived. We had a wood burning fireplace in the property for the winter, and for when the winds from the beach got too blustery. In the summers, we didn’t need air conditioning because of the appealing ocean breezes. Now that I’m grown up and I live inland in a condo of my own, I have to pay heating and cooling bills all the time plus I easily miss the old days when I was growing up.


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