Temperature control made me mad at my partner

I was constantly irritated with my partner because of the temperature settings in the house.

I was certain he changed them whenever I wasn’t looking or when I wasn’t at home.

He assured me that he wasn’t. I kept accusing him until my friend and I got into a heated argument about it. He said he was mad because I wouldn’t stop bugging him about it, and I was mad because I was always moderate and someone was messing around with the heater and temperature control when I wasn’t looking! Throughout the year, I prefer to keep the temperature control settings at around 66 degrees. Even in the dead of winter, I keep the heater set at 66 degrees. During the summer, I like to keep the apartment freezing cold, and if anyone is too cold, I tell them to just put on a blazer. I’m just a reasonable man, and since it’s my house, I figure I should be able to keep the temperature control settings exactly where I want them. Anyway, my friend and I were arguing about it, and we eventually figured out that the temperature control’s battery was low. The fact that the battery was low was causing the temperature control to deviate from its proper schedule, and my pal and I had the digital programmable temperature control set the way that my pal and I wanted it as well as just couldn’t understand why it kept changing, and once my pal and I figured out that it was due to a low battery, my pal and I weren’t mad at each other about it anymore.
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