My ex-partner worked in heating and air conditioning

A real piece of work, my ex-partner was a heating and air conditioning technician.

I have met a lot of HVAC specialists over the years, and they are almost all genuinely nice people. All of them appear to be amiable and personable, and they appear to enjoy working with the public. My ex-partner, though, was somewhat unique. He was always a bit of a weirdo, but because I was already married to my friend, I simply didn’t realize it until it was too late. My friend was completely in my apartment fixing my heating system when we first met. My heat pump was making an odd noise, and it appeared that something was seriously wrong inside. While I wasn’t sure what it was, I was aware that the loud noise it was making was out of the ordinary. Normally, when it was running, it would produce a low humming sound; however, this wasn’t the case at the moment. It sounded strangely loud and popping, and then it roared. The heater would always act in the same manner when it turned on. I called my neighborhood heating and air conditioning company to schedule an appointment because I knew it was a fire hazard. Whatever the case, things progressed and I eventually started dating the HVAC technician who came out to fix the heat pump that afternoon. When my friend and I finally got hitched, it was too late for me to realize that he was not an ordinary guy. The marriage between my friend and I lasted for only about a year. He’s someone else’s problem now, and that makes me happy.


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