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Thanks to inflation and the terrible economy right now, he doesn’t have the money to get my heating and air conditioning system fixed. Unfortunately for him, the heating system in his house is broken and dad still needs it. The weather just isn’t heating up yet, so he still requires the boiler for a few more weeks. My dad’s friend and he have a lot of cold weather here in our part of the country. Even though it’s almost May and the weather should be heating up by now, it’s still truly cold, and he needs to keep using the heater. Dad wishes that he had a lot more money in his apartment repair funds, but he had to spend it a few weeks ago so that he could get the garage door fixed. Just after he got the garage door fixed, he started to notice that the heating wasn’t working the way that it was supposed to. Even though the temperature in the house was so cold, he couldn’t turn the boiler on because it wasn’t working the right way. Dad knows that he needs to get the local heating and air conditioning tech out to his place to look at the heater, but dad just doesn’t have the money for it right now. Dad wishes that the economy would get turned around already because dad truly needs to get a lot of things fixed around his place. At this point, dad just going to have to figure something out. Dad doesn’t know if he needs to take out a personal loan or what, but he needs to figure out a way to get this locale heated up. Otherwise, he is going to be cold for the next three weeks.



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