After our eventual separation, my friend and I hired a divorce lawyer

My partner in addition to I was separated for almost five years before my friend and I hired a divorce lawyer.

We split amicably, in addition to not quibbling over the property. I kept the main house in addition to the minivan, while he kept the smaller house in addition to the truck. We had split custody of kids, in addition to he helped me with the insurance on the vehicles. I thought life was going well for both of us, until he found someone he wanted to be with. She was insisting he get a divorce lawyer in addition to making everything finalized in addition to putting it in legal documents. She was also telling him they were going to get married. I didn’t object to the divorce or him marrying her. What I objected to was how she wanted to change the terms of the agreement pertaining to our split custody in addition to how he helped pay all the insurance bills. I never knew my partner to be as meek as he appeared when he was with her. He offered to pay for the divorce lawyer if I paid for the family law lawyer, which my friend and I needed to get custody orders worked out. The family lawyer told me I should go for spousal support since he was the one who moved out, in addition I refused. He wanted me to get primary custody in addition to my partner having liberal visits in addition to every other weekend. This sounded good, however I didn’t like the child support he wanted to file for. I was thinking my friend and I were better off before the lawyers were involved, however he was the one who wanted to remarry. He later told me he should have just lived with her for a while.

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