A generator was purchased so we could run the heater

To be able to run the heater in our apartment in the event of a power outage, my friend and I bought a generator.

Since a few years ago, my friend and I have been debating getting a generator, but the time just never seemed right.

Afterward, after my friend and I had to deal with a hurricane, our next-door neighbor ended up purchasing one of those crucial whole apartment generator systems. Every single time my friend and I left our front door, it seemed like we had to look at the significant generator next to their apartment. Every time we passed by their generator, my friend and I were constantly reminded of how much we wanted to purchase one for ourselves. My friend and I were constantly cold after the hurricane because our apartment’s only source of heat was the fireplace, which was extremely inefficient. That period was difficult. The heating was only a small part of why my friend and I were without power for such a long time. The lack of electricity prevented my friend and I from using it to cook or power any appliances. My friend and I decided we wanted to purchase a generator at that time because, in all honesty, it was difficult for our family. Our generator now roughly matches the size and power capacity of our neighbors’ generator. My friend and I have it. I suppose it’s wonderful that my friend and I no longer have to worry about the electricity, heating, or cooling going out on us. Purchasing this generator has truly given me peace of mind with regard to our appliances, as well as our heating and air conditioning system.


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