There was lots of smoke coming from the heating vents

The other day when my associate and I went to the theater downtown, there was smoke coming from the heating vents! I had also never had this kind of thing happen to me before.

  • I was a little nervous about it because I am also usually someone who thinks the worst possible thing is going to happen! My hubby always makes fun of me because he says that I am a worst case scenario kind of person.

It’s also definitely true, though, anyway, I thought that the whole theater was definitely going to burn down and my associate and I were all going to die. However, that ended up not being the case at all for us. It was just an issue with the heating system downstairs. It wasn’t even anything major at all; then somehow, there was just a backup in the system somewhere. The smoke started coming out through the heating vents upstairs. It turned out that there wasn’t even a fire at all, but that didn’t keep me from jumping to conclusions, that’s for sure. I was ready to jump out the window, even though my associate and I were on the second floor of the building! Whenever the firemen showed up, one of them came over and told us that there wasn’t definitely an issue to be concerned about and that my associate and I could all go back into the theater to finish the show. Shortly after that, a bunch of strange HVAC professionals arrived and they went down to the basement to repair the heating system. There were no more complications after that. However, I was a nervous wreck for the rest of the day!


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