My HVAC company is also my pool maintenance company

I finally saved enough money to buy a swimming pool for my backyard.

  • We had an above ground pool for a while, but they slowly fell apart after they’ve been used for several years straight.

Some people take them down every year as the seasons change, and then store them until spring comes around again. I got sick of maintaining these above ground pools and told my wife that we should save to get an inground swimming pool. However, we had to save for quite a while. The only thing that allowed me to afford the pool in the long run was a big bonus I got at work. It was kind of like the bonus and that movie national Lampoon’s Christmas vacation where the main character was hoping to buy a swimming pool with his Christmas bonus for the year. At least in my case, I was able to get the bonus I expected right out from the jump. But now that we have the swimming pool installed, I’m realizing that it’s a lot of maintenance even though it’s a permanent pool. I don’t know if I have all the time to do the maintenance myself, so I started looking for pool companies to hire. That’s when my heating and cooling company informed me that they also handle pool services. I was excited because I love my heating and cooling company. I’ve been using them for HVAC services for the last 10 years straight. I’ve recommended this heating and cooling company to countless friends, work associates, and family members. Now I’ll have my HVAC company handling all of my pool maintenance and cleaning. I know that they will do a good job and I can trust my pool and the hands of a HVAC company that knows what it’s doing.

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