The HVAC technician needs support from another colleague

Today, I waited for the HVAC technician to come over and take a look at my heating and cooling system. There have been some issues with it for about a week and I just didn’t have time to get anyone to look at it until this morning. My busy work schedule and my life revolve around that. So this morning the HVAC tech showed up at my house around 9 am to take a look at my heating and cooling system. He spent a good half hour looking at it and looked confused. I was slightly concerned because he came to service my HVAC system and he didn’t know what he was doing. He came to me and said, “mam, I’m very new to the HVAC business and I’m still learning a bit and I can’t quite figure out what is wrong with your HVAC system.” He then said he was having another heating and cooling technician come over to look at it. I said, “That is ok, you are not quite an HVAC expert yet, but you will be someday.” So a half hour later, the HVAC expert showed up and met up with the original technician. They had a conversation and I can tell he was teaching him a little bit of what he should’ve been looking at. After a few minutes, they figured out the issue and I can tell that the new HVAC tech helped him out greatly because he finished the job within 15 minutes after the HVAC expert’s arrival. The original tech said there was a lack of refrigerant and everything should be good now. He apologized for wasting my time but I was fine. Everyone has to learn their job, even if it means if you are thrown at the wolves.

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