Waiting for my boiling water heater

I was going to swim before writing this story, however my dog is so comfy on my leg that I don’t want to wake it up just yet.

I can’t really let it sleep there forever because I want to go for my swim, however it is so cute as it sleeps on my leg and keeps me boiling at the same time.

I just finally fed it some food and now it is all fat and exhausted, so I feel I will let it sleep for a bit longer before I get up and take my ride to the beach. Hot water heating is coming soon, as the business said that the heating equipment is going to be arriving in the next couple of afternoons. I am going to drain the old tank when the modern one arrives and then attach it from the water supply and take it off of the wall where it is mounted. The modern commercial heating and air conditioning heating unit is the same one so I can just pop it onto the old bolts on the wall and affix it to the power and water supply lines. I’ll fill it with lots of water by turning on the water supply and then turn on the breaker and see what it does. The heating and air conditioning tech who came out worked on the old furnace and told me that it has a short circuit and that it would be a lot cheaper to just buy a modern one because the parts for the old one cost more than the modern furnace if you take into account the labor charge.


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