My HVAC technician just got out of the hospital

I always feel bad for people who get injured and end up having to go to the hospital.

  • My mother spent a lot of time there when I was younger because of Crohn’s disease.

I got used to being in hospitals but it never made it any easier. Because as time went on, she ended up being in hospitals more than before. Eventually, my mother died in a hospital. It’s a really frustrating thing to be dealing with when you have to go inside of a hospital with all those memories in the back of your head. Nowadays, I try to stay at a hospital as much as possible. I haven’t been in one since my wife gave birth 3 years ago to our youngest child. Recently I found out about the HVAC technician being hospitalized for an impacted kidney stone. Unfortunately he had to get surgery and it was a grueling affair for his family. He was fine in the long run, but everybody was worried about him in the process. His wife and his kids were worried he wouldn’t make it through the final surgery, but he ended up being okay. I’m happy that he’s finally back to work again, but at the same time I would have liked to see him get more time to rest. Everybody has to work to feed their family so it makes sense why somebody would want to get back to work right away. He’s such a good heating and cooling technician that I don’t want to see something happen to him permanently that would take him away from not only his family but all of his happy clients like myself and my wife.



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