Cooling down in the afternoon season

I normally shop at the store at 3pm or so, however today I am going early and am hoping that the morning rush has dwindled down a bit. It can be quite hectic in the morning to shop, so I shifted my shopping routine to a later time so that it is a more pleasant experience for me. After I finish shopping I am going to do my yoga routine and then go outside for some fresh air and sunshine. It is really nice today and the weather is perfect for the next few weeks, neither too boiling nor too cold. Air conditioning and heating are not being used, and won’t be for another couple of months I hope, as the summers don’t get too boiling here till the end of August. But when August comes it will be boiling until the middle of October, when it swiftly comes to a screeching halt. Then we will run the furnace again and the power bills will start to rise. The enjoyable news is that I feel the power companies lowered their high rates so we don’t have to worry about paying the bills when they come. I know a lot of local suppliers had to shut down for enjoyment because they couldn’t afford to run the heating in the wintertime. That is really upsetting when you feel for these bad people who put all of their time and energy into their business only to see it shut down due to high power bills from a needless war going on anywhere. I hope you have better luck with your business.


a/c workman

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