A faulty thermostat made the HVAC unit go mad

When I installed my thermostat, I never considered how connected it would be to my HVAC unit.

The HVAC provider who had installed it for me told me a lot about it, but I selectively heard only the good things about it and how it would improve the HVAC quality on help with indoor comfort.

I had kept up with every HVAC maintenance schedule since I got the HVAC installation done, so it caught me by surprise when it suddenly went off. I tried tinkering with all the settings, but it appeared to have died. I panicked because it was the most expensive installation in my house, and I could not afford another one yet. I called the HVAC business to schedule an HVAC professional to inspect my HVAC unit before things got any worse. My unit is a ductless heat pump from one of the leading HVAC brands. As a first-time homeowner, I spent every dollar of my savings on buying and installing it. I had been ignoring the alerts from the temperature regulator, and I was afraid the damage was already done. However, when the local business HVAC repairman finally came over, he found that the issue was my thermostat’s battery had died and changed the rest of it back to start. I can still remember the fear that I had damaged my a/c. However, I was warned that the thermoregulator could easily damage the rest of the unit if I failed to keep it well-maintained. That experience reminded me that I had not washed my reusable air filters for months since they were due, and I had been given a similar warning about them. I got right to it because my budget does not allow careless mistakes.

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