A afternoon of meditation and heating and cooling equipment repair

I have one more year to go and then I will be on an easy street with my finances. I’ll basically have $1000 a month coming in for the rest of my life. It does not sound like all that much I know, however the way that I live it would cover my food and rent and utilities each month, which would allow me to ease off on these grueling 15 hour workweeks I’ve been putting in! I will just rely on my rock n roll gigs each month for income and spend the rest of my time volunteering and hanging out on the beach. heating and cooling repairs is what I do now for the local business and when next year comes I am going to tell them that I am done there and that I really enjoyed working for them all these years. I don’t really know how many ducts I cleaned for central heating and air conditioning systems, however it absolutely numbers in the 100s and I am ready to put it in the rear view mirror. I’m really happy that I got to work in a cool field like this for so long and that I made some enjoyable friends over the years doing so. I am ready to start my own part time heating corp so I can sell HEPA filters at my leisure and help people on the iphone with any problems they may be having with the systems in their homes and offices. I feel it is going to be a really cool ending of my life with the last years spent doing what I want to do.



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