We finally had a HVAC zoning system installed at home

I must admit raising teenagers can cause you to question your life’s choices, then this is how my partner and I have been feeling lately raising 3 teens.

My buddy and I had what my buddy and I call amazing babies who slept all evening and rarely had any tantrums growing up! So, my buddy and I chose to have one after the other so my buddy and I could raise them together; I wish my buddy and I had spaced them and given ourselves a bit of a break, but, there was no turning back. Their early years were appealing and pretty much everyone consistently complemented how my buddy and I had the best teenagers, then little did my buddy and I know the teen years would cause us to pull hair. They talk back and consistently push back about every little thing, and my buddy and I can’t wait for them to leave for school. My buddy and I do appreciate our teenagers, but as teens, they are pushing all our buttons. Just recently, my buddy and I had to hire a local HVAC contractor so they could help us figure out a situation at home. Last summer, the teens were consistently quarreling about the temperature control settings, and they even came to blows! After scolding them, and making sure they had consequences for their actions, my buddy and I had to find a solution. The HVAC contractor sent a heating and A/C professional to the condo and he did an inspection, but he then introduced us to HVAC zoning which my buddy and I liked so much. My buddy and I could have gotten a smart temperature control and forbidden the teenagers from ever touching it, but my buddy and I opted to go with HVAC zoning. The next afternoon the heating and A/C professional came back and installed the HVAC zoning system in our home.

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