Remembering the old Regal Cinema that didn’t have a/c

I remember the afternoons when my dad would take me to the Regal Cinema, he would buy me a bucket of popcorn and a big drink.

The Regal Cinema was always warm so that was a challenge.

I felt that the theater enjoyed to keep the boiler on which if they did, would be a exhausting experience for anyone. I would drink my soda fast to stay cool however the lack of a/c made the film experience not so good at times, but besides that, id wear shorts and a short sleeve shirt unless it was winter, however other than that the theater smelled like popcorn all the time. It didn’t bother me much then even though I still feel these are good memories of my dad, and many years later I go to the Regal Cinema with my kid and the experience I share with my kid is quite similar. I buy her popcorn and a big drink and my good friend and I grab a seat closer to the middle. The difference that my kid and I have is that the Regal Cinemas my good friend and I go to smell better and they have an a/c system that makes the theater experience more comfortable. The only thing my good friend and I do that I didn’t do back in the afternoon is wearing a jacket or pants. My kid is prepared if she is frosty however if she isn’t, then she would take her jacket off since she wears a light shirt underneath. I appreciate that I can share this experience with her. One afternoon, maybe she can share this with her children.

Commercial air conditioning system

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