My boiler is noisy

It’s snowing outside, with very light snow however the past few afternoons my good friend and I have had some heavier snow in my area, then this week, it’s kind of nice to look outside and see all the kids playing and enjoying themselves.

There is an army of kids preparing for a snowball fight; I am excited to watch that, then not much goes on around here so you honestly have to care about the small things in life. The one thing I am happy about my wifey and I got was a snowblower because shoveling isn’tsomething I live to do anymore. I see that the Johnsons still appreciate the shovel routine. I cannot do that anymore, once you get a snowblower then you shall never go back, but plus, my back does not hurt anymore. It was good exercise though! As I rest here sipping my coffee, staring out the window I hear a whistle which I felt I heard the other afternoon however it is a bit louder now. The thing is I only heard it when my boiler kicked on. It’s winter season so I should not let this go because if my boiler goes down then I think I should go outside and have a snowball fight, then calling the Heating and A/C professional isn’tmuch of a complication and they are pretty good about things. I just hope with that whistling It’s just something small like an air filter. In a way, I wish I knew how to repair the heating and cooling in the household however as someone who is recently retired, that isn’ta job for me and someone else can make some money.


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