We added some living space so we need Air Conditioning

My wife Kim as well as I just straight lucked out.

And it’s remarkable that almost identical circumstances happened to Kim and I within 2 months of each other.

Both of us have spent over 30 years working inside the commercial Heating as well as Air Conditioning systems of our respective companies. These were the first tasks that Kim and I had when Kim and I were straight out of university. That’s where Kim and I met as Kim and I were both in the same field of study. And Kim and I labor in the same industry however for unusual corporations. Kim and I were both pretty much maxed out in our works. Kim and I both had offices with amazing views as well as our own control unit. The salary was also at the highest end of what Kim and I could make. I think that both of our companies wanted to unfasten those salaries from the payroll by offering early retirement. But what are the odds that we’d both be offered early retirement withing three months of one another. It was uncanny. So Kim and I bolted for the south as well as obtained this house. The plan was to open up the entire back of the apartment with added on space. It turned out appealing as well as Kim and I have some additional residential Heating as well as Air Conditioning out there as well. The Heating as well as Air Conditioning techs installed a pair of ductless heat pumps. The new space almost doubles the amount of square footage. I thought perhaps Kim and I could run additional ductwork out there however that would have overwhelmed the existing central A/C unit. Still though, I’m amazed that those ductless mini splits supply the level of high quality heating as well as air that they do. We’ve been enjoying our retirement so much that we don’t miss labor or dire Winters one bit.

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