Heating costs go down as effort went up

I’m not a high motor sort of woman. This is not a shock to anyone who knows me. When it comes to taking care of stuff like going to work and taking care of my family, I’m pretty steady. But past that, it take a lot of motivation just to get my off the couch and out of the air conditioner at home. So it’s not too surprising to me that this past Fall was the first time that I actually did something in order to save on our heating bills this Winter. That’s right, I made the effort and it paid off. My spouse was the first one to feel my efforts. She noticed last fall when I was out there sealing up the household in order to improve the efficiency of the gas heater. And she was with me the other afternoon as my buddy and I totaled up the heating costs for the Winter. I got a large attaboy when the final numbers came in. As a result of my efforts when it came to winterizing the house, my buddy and I saved just over 20 percent on heating costs so far this Winter, essentially, winter season weather is pretty much done where my buddy and I are. But it’s still not hot here and the gas boiler runs a bit at night. So maybe those numbers are a bit preliminary but I suppose my buddy and I can count on at least a 20 percent savings when it comes to the heating this Winter. That’s pretty remarkable for putting in several hours over a few weekends during the Fall. Who knows, maybe this success will get me more motivated to get other things around the household done. But I wouldn’t hold your breath.


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