My cat enjoys to kneel by the fireplace

I’ve always had a cat in my life, then when I was a little kid, my Dad as well as dad surprised me with a puppy one year for christmas; The chocolate brown Labrador Retriever was the best pet that I ever had in my life.

I had the cat until I was in school.

When I got the call one day to tell me that my cat had passed away, I was very upset. I got another cat as soon as I was moved into another apartment. I couldn’t have any pets in the dormitory as well as it killed me that I wasn’t there when my cat passed away. I had to leave her at home with my Dad as well as dad when I went to school. I have another chocolate brown Labrador Retriever now as well as she enjoys to kneel by the fireplace. I have an apartment that has an electric fireplace. It doesn’t have the same odor as an authentic wood burning fireplace, but it undoubtedly works as well… And also has cool flame as well as light settings that look neat in the dark. I can use the fireplace settings with or without turning on the heat. When the heat is running, my cat enjoys to kneel down in front of the fireplace. It is her number one arena to kneel in the whole apartment when the boiler or the fireplace is running. I tried to get her to come as well as kneel down with me a couple of days ago. I was seeing a film on the couch, and she didn’t want to budge from her bed as well as even after I moved it into the living area, she still wanted to kneel by the fireplace.

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