My sister and I use our HVAC units differently

I love my sister Cassie, and we have always been close, even when we were kids.

We are only 2 years apart, so we basically grew up together and shared most of the same experiences.

We were so close, some people thought we were twins, and we used that to our advantage when we needed to. Today, Cassie and I are still close, in fact, even though we live in different parts of the country, we see each other all the time. She lives in the southern part of the country, where the weather is mostly warm during the year. She barely experiences any change in temperatures. The Winters are mild, and the other months are usually just warm. But I live in the Midwest, where we experience all the seasons as they were meant to be. She hates coming to visit during the Winter months because she does not like the cold. Even though she is never outside for too long and I have a very good furnace that keeps my home warm during the colder months. Of course, she doesn’t care that my furnace works, all she can think about is the temperature outside. And to be honest, I don’t blame her because when I visit her home, I do complain about how hot it is even though she has air conditioning inside her home. She also has a heat pump, but of course, she barely uses it. Because we live in different sections of the country, we use our HVAC units differently. As long as I visit her in the Summer, she has air conditioning. And when she visits me during the Winter, my furnace is running to keep her warm. The weather won’t stop us from seeing each other.


My sister and I use our HVAC units differently

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