I hadn’t seen a portable kitchen.

My guys had everything in place

We were at a bbq cookout the other week. Every year, they have a BBQ cook-off and invite some of the best chefs in our area. There are some brave home cooks who also bring their wares and show off their talents. My son was an excellent cook, and so was my son-in-law. They got together and entered the BBQ cook-off as a team. I asked how they were going to keep their food safe and precook other items. My son made a face and told me he knew exactly what they had to do. He looked through his search and found a local place that had portable kitchens for rent. He had a huge BBQ grill, and so did my son-in-law. They had everything they needed in the portable kitchen, except the supplies. It took them a week to figure out what they were cooking, and what they needed to make the BBQ’d meats and the sides. They also had disposable tasting plates, spoons, knives, and forks. They pulled their portable kitchen into the fairgrounds the day before the cook-off began and set everything up that was needed. They were going to get the required menu at 6PM that night. It was a mad dash for some cooks, to make sure they had everything they needed. My guys had everything in place. They had their portable kitchen that was fully stocked, and an RV, so they could camp out and get up early the next day to cook. One item on their menu had to be slow cooked all night long.


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