My son needs some help paying for roof repairs

My son decided to move out of the house so he could live with his girlfriend.

He was 18 years old and there was not anything that we could do to keep him from making the awful decision.

We tried to tell our son that it was going to be hard to live on his own, but he did not listen. He has been on his own for 8 months and he has asked us for money every single month since he moved out of the house. One month he can’t pay the electric bill and another month he needs gas for the furnace. This month he said that he needs help paying for roof repairs. My son does not own the house that he lives in, so I don’t understand why the landlord isn’t responsible for paying for the roof repairs. The roofing repair should be covered under the homeowners insurance. When I asked my son more detailed questions about the roofing repair, I finally got to the bottom of the problem. My son was shooting off fireworks in the yard and one of the fireworks came down on top of the roof and caused damage. The landlord refused to pay for the repairs and told my son that he was going to be evicted if he did not find a roofing contractor that would repair the damage. I told my son that I would cover the damages, because I don’t want him to come back to my house with his girlfriend. At this point, it seems easier just to keep giving him money every month and have him come back home.
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