It has a great commercial heating and AC

It’s so nice to be able to work from home in the central A/C.

My brother sure does not like all the suffering and upheaval that came with the pandemic. But that global health crisis also changed his life for the better. Like many companies, they shut down the office with the zone controlled Heating and Air Conditioning and sent them all home. Most people my brother works with were put off by this situation. But, he was secretly so pleased. My brother honestly likes the work that he does, but he doesn’t like the environment at the office. The place is well appointed and has great commercial Heating and Air Conditioning. So there is never a comfort issue as much as the environment of the office is uncomfortable from an odd perspective. All the politics and drama of the office get to be too much for him. My brother loves to steer clear of that whenever possible. Plus, he was regularly being interrupted by a litany of things when trying to do his work. What he does takes concentration and focus. So working inside that commercial Heating and Air Conditioning of the office was taxing with all the interruptions. That all changed as soon as he got home and got to work. The first thing my brother did was create a designated section for him to work from. Otherwise, he knew that he’d be distracted with doing chores or other household things. My brother cleared out the guest room and turned it into his full time office. This was the best thing he could have done. Right off the bat, he was totally in the zone when it came to his work.

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