I loved our old HVAC technician

At the house where I grew up, we used to have people over at our house all the time.

It wasn’t just people coming over for social visits and parties, though.

We also had lots of salesmen and repairmen coming over to the house too. My very favorite repairman was the HVAC technician who used to come over to fix our furnace for us. He would always come and talk to me and hang out with me before and after he was doing the heating and cooling repairs for us. Not only that, but he would let me hang around with him while he was down in the basement in the furnace room working. I always used to think that that was so cool when I was a kid. I mean, I was the only kid I knew who was allowed to go and help out the repairman who would come over to do work! I used to feel all grown up because he would let me hand him the right tools from the tool box and sometimes he would even show me what he was working on. I feel like I learned a lot about heating and cooling and ventilation back then when I was a kid. I mean, kids can absorb all kinds of things when they are little, and I know that I learned a lot from that guy. The HVAC technician was definitely my favorite out of anyone who ever came to work on the house. It was just nice of him to let me hang out with him. Once in a while, you meet an adult who really just wants to be nice to a kid and teach them things and I think that’s the kind of guy he was.


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