Excited to test the smart thermostat

Another fantastic winter has just passed.

  • I notice, however, that the trees’ teeny, tiny green leaves are present as I turn to face the outside.

Southerners are approaching spring quickly because it is late February there. While the first hints of pollen, new growth, and daffodils warm my heart, it’s also a sign for me to call the HVAC company. When the local forecast says that the highs will remain in the 90s, I’ll be shocked. I anticipate that it will be several months before that becomes a regular occurrence. However, I know that I’ll need some cooling comfort once it gets to 90 degrees. While the peak heating hours are still in the 80s, I try to keep the windows open. This is due to the fact that it gets cool enough in the evenings for us to sleep without air conditioning. Evenings with temperatures in the 90s cause the heat pump to turn on. Therefore, it is best practice in our home to have the air conditioner tuned up right away. But when it comes to air conditioning this year, I’m going to rely on some new HVAC technology. Now that we have a smart thermostat, I can’t wait to see how much the heat pump efficiency will increase as a result. Since we installed the smart thermostat in the fall of last year, it hasn’t had to do much. During our mild winters, the heat pump doesn’t see a lot of heating use. As a result, the smart thermostat will now take into account how we use the air conditioning in this house after months of learning our habits.
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