Air conditioning is a part of my winter preparation

In terms of preparing for winter, there is a lot to do.

It seems like I prepare for winter more than I actually deal with it.

However, since it is late February, we are expecting more severe winter weather. So that’s why I spend so much time getting ready to have the heating we require throughout the winter. All of our homes are serviced by a central air conditioning system that uses ductwork. We take good care of our reliable gas furnace. Every fall, the HVAC specialists come to my house to perform HVAC heating maintenance. To protect our top-of-the-line gas furnace, I make sure to get regular heating maintenance. Additionally, routine heating maintenance gets the gas furnace ready for the heavy workload it faces during our long winter. Additionally, regular HVAC maintenance helps the gas furnace run as efficiently as possible. However, I don’t really even think about that winter preparation because I leave all HVAC maintenance to the experts. Getting all the firewood together to fuel the wood stove for the duration of the winter is what I consider to be winter preparation. I first installed the wood stove so we would have a backup heating system in case of an emergency. I’ve supplemented the heating provided by the gas furnace over the years with heat from the wood stove to reduce my reliance on electricity. When all the wood has been installed, I turn my attention to the house and check to see that it has a tight seal to keep the heat inside. Funny how the air conditioning is the last thing I do to get the house ready for winter. My winterization is complete once I cover the HVAC cabinet outside with a hard plastic shell.



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