The wrong heating technician

Hector told me he had called the heating company since they were due for heater maintenance. I also noted that the indoor temperature kept fluctuating. By late afternoon, I was convinced that Hector had not made that call because the HVAC professional had yet arrived. Just when I was about to make that call, I heard the doorbell, and on opening, it was a guy from the heating business. I told him all the problems we were facing due to the malfunction of the heat pump. I also added that it needed servicing because it had been two years since it had one. He told me that we must have called the wrong heating dealer after I was done because their company specializes in geothermal heat pump installation and care. I was furious because this was another time my son proved he had to be supervised to do something correctly. I apologized to the man, but he still offered to work on our home heating system. The heating technician also fine-tuned the smart thermostat. The fireplace also had a problem, but I wanted to keep my luck manageable, so I let that go. The fact that we now had help with indoor comfort was enough for me; heating repair was the only urgent need. Hector seemed very interested in what the expert from the heating industry was doing, and he followed him around and asked questions. He genuinely wanted to learn more about heating. The specialist advised us to take better care of our HVAC; otherwise, we would need new heating equipment sooner than we should.

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