The camper’s HVAC system shorted out.

We were getting a lot of rain the entire time we were on vacation.

I was so glad we had taken a travel camper this year.

We didn’t need to sleep in a tent or drag a car behind us. We found a campground that would have RV hookups near where we wanted to do some sightseeing, and rent some bikes or a car. Unfortunately, that was our plan, but our plan never came to fruition. It started raining at the end of the first day of traveling. Three days later, it was still raining and the RV’s HVAC system was no longer working. It thought it had shorted out because of all the rain. My husband said it had never worked well. It was humid in the RV, and he said it was because of the air conditioning not working. We located a service center that offered RV service and service on HVAC systems. We took the RV to the service center, where we had to sit in the lobby while they diagnosed the HVAC system. I couldn’t believe we couldn’t stay inside, but that was their policy. When they told us we needed a new HVAC system, we couldn’t argue. We hadn’t asked if the RV’s HVAC system worked properly when we bought the RV. We heard it run and felt the cool air of the AC unit and the heat of the heating unit. I was glad we had AAA because we got a good discount on the HVAC system. Unfortunately, we also had to cut our trip short, because it cost us half the amount we had put back for travel expenses.

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