Meeting the HVAC professional team in my new neighborhood

When we moved to our home, we found that the heating wasn’t working well and would need to be checked by a heating technician before winter set in.

  • I was afraid we would have to buy new heating equipment because, after the relocation, our savings had been depleted.

We had no idea where to get a reliable heating technician, but my wife mentioned that she’d seen a heating company while running errands in the local town a week after we moved. We planned to visit the heating business to discuss our home heating challenge with the experts. We went to the heating dealer, hoping that our issue would be resolved through a simple heater maintenance call, but we had to change the entire system because it had run its course. Our worst fear was confirmed; we had to spend our emergency funds. The heating industry expert we’d met and his team had all persuaded us with their explanation that our home would benefit more from a heat pump installation and the cost would be low because there were tax refunds for anyone installing that type of system. So, we met a new team of experts and had our heat pump installed, which was an adventure for my family because we got to learn more about heating with the friendly team. We got a smart thermostat with many convenient features to help with indoor comfort to avoid unexpected emergencies. Still, my best one is that it can detect HVAC system issues and send maintenance alerts. We were lucky to find a reliable company and team of heating experts because I have read stories of people who had terrible experiences.


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