Keep up with HVAC equipment responsibilities

It’s easy for me to lose track of things. I’m the sort of guy who often has to check to be sure that I’m on the right day of the week. But things come at me fast and I’m not the best when it comes to keeping it all straight. There are main priorities in my life that are ever present on my radar. That starts with my wife and children. Then, comes the work I do inside the commercial HVAC of my office. That’s a big one that demands a great deal of my time and focus. So I hate to admit that my household chores can often slip through the cracks. On top of that, I’m really not a fan of household chores anyway. So I have often used my focus on work and family as an excuse to let things slide around the house. Well when it comes to the HVAC equipment, I have to do a better job. When we moved into this house, we replaced the residential HVAC with the latest in HVAC technology. Initially, I was on top of making sure that the HVAC equipment got the attention it was supposed to receive. But I soon reverted back to not paying as much attention as I should to my household responsibilities. These days, I’m trying to be sure that I’m getting all of my HVAC responsibilities done every month. Whether that’s changing the air filter or making sure the HVAC unit gets proper HVAC in maintenance, I’m making the residential HVAC a priority. The quality heating and air is just too essential to our lives for me not to make the HVAC equipment a main priority.

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