Impressed by the heat pump at a smart home

My first idea of a smart home was that it would all be made with recent technologies.

A place where I could clap my hands twice and the curtains would open to let in the sunshine. When I finally got to visit one, I wasn’t disappointed. Before we got to the home, our host programmed her smart thermostat to turn up the heat pump for the home heating in anticipation of a full house since they had been away for a couple of weeks before our arrival. She explained that it was one of her favorite features because it did much more than help with indoor comfort. The smart features made the heat pump installation more energy efficient because it could be programmed to use electricity or the boiler, lowering energy expenses. We were not at home yet. I already wanted to message my local heating dealer and ask if we could change what I had in my home to the new heating system my host was talking about. I asked her if it was hard to keep up with heater maintenance for that system because it sounded complex. She mentioned that it has an additional innovative feature that alerts the heating company about any issue. They send a heating technician to sort it so the home has continuous heating and cooling. The heating industry has kept up with the smart tech industry, and I needed to learn more about heating from an HVAC professional because it was clear from how amazed I was that I had been left in the dark ages. I like to think that I keep up with technology advancements, but the smart home visit showed me that I would need to keep up with developments in the heating business.


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