High velocity AC for my hot area

My area is hot like 90% of the year.

As early as March and as late as November is the hot season.

Three months out of the year it is a bit chilly. There is no snow or below freezing temperatures though. Basically for a few weeks I should wear a coat. I also can choose to wear pants or not. The hot season is long and brutal. Most of the year it is in the 80s and 90s. The humidity makes it feel like it is in the 100s. I get where I am sick of staying inside with the air conditioner running. When it is that hot out though, you really don’t have a choice. I Can’t do yard work in 100 degree weather. I can’t be expected to paint my outdoor shed when it is so humid out. Everything revolves around being inside. It also is key to have a good cooling system. I have a high velocity air conditioner. Since my house is older I couldn’t really get the traditional ductwork setup. The 8 inch metal ducts would have ruined the foundation of my home. It could have been dangerous doing ductwork installation. The high velocity AC ductwork is about half the size and made of a flexible material. It easily fits into the slats of my older home. It also quickly whips the air around the house to lower the temperature in a few minutes rather than hours like most HVAC equipment. I can have a quality cooled home all summer long with that system.

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