A whole different HVAC experience

Okay, so when I moved down here, it was the middle of July.

Talk about a serious wake up call for me. Moving from the north to the south comes with all sorts of changes. There are plenty of new things to get accustomed to. But moving here in July forced me to deal with the climate right off the bat. I couldn’t even go outside during the peak heating hours of the day. I mean literally, I didn’t want to venture out of the central air conditioning of my new home. I love this house and man am I ever glad I went for the latest in residential HVAC. The heat pump is the best. It has a SEER rating in the twenties so is super efficient and I needed every ounce of efficiency last Summer. That’s because I put a pretty big air conditioning load on that new heat pump. I knew I was trading a gas furnace and all that heating up north for a Summer full of air conditioning. But really, you can’t understand the level of heat and humidity down here until you experience it. That’s why moving here in July was both a blessing and a curse. For sure, it was really tough to deal with the heat at first. All I wanted to do was go from the commercial HVAC of the office to the air conditioning in my home. But it got me hip to this climate. And it gave me such an appreciation for the amazing weather we enjoy here the other 8 months of the year. I’ve loved this Winter weather so much and the Spring looks to be wonderful too. And at least I won’t be shocked when the heat settles in during the Summer months.

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