A messy experience while looking for a heating technician

Something went wrong with the heating in our rental apartment last winter. I tried everything, including changing the settings of our smart thermostat to an emergency setting, but nothing worked. We needed home heating since the entire family was home just before the holidays. None of us knew heater maintenance, so we had to call the heating company as an emergency for them to send us a heating technician as soon as possible. The nightmare hit another low for us because the heating dealer informed us that every HVAC professional they have had done to sort multiple calls from homeowners. We couldn’t do without heating, so after booking, we would be added to the queue if any of their experts came back before we got an expert to help us. I looked online while my husband went to ask our nearest neighbor more about heating experts in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, they used the same heating business we had called but mentioned one more heating dealer in the area, but they didn’t have contacts. Interestingly, I had found the company’s website online, which gave contact information, but as our luck would have it, the number went to voicemail. We were getting desperate as the hours passed without help with indoor comfort. The only solution would be to drive to their premises and get a technician to come to us, which worked in our favor because one of the heating industry experts returned from a new heating installation visit and got assigned to our home. Our heat pump installation was blowing cold air instead of hot air because the refrigerant was leaking. As much as the repair cost was high, buying a new heat pump would have been more expensive, so we are glad it was something we could pay for.

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