You need lots of energy to run an ice skating rink in a warm climate

I started ice skating on a frozen pond on my family’s land when I was a little kid.

  • We only ever went on the ice after my father tested it himself beforehand, this was to prevent the possibility of any one of us falling through the ice and drowning or dying from hypothermia.

As we got older, we started migrating to the nearby ice skating rink instead, mainly because my siblings and I had friends from school who hung out at this destination. This was a fun place to hang out with friends on the weekends or during school vacations. They had an arcade in the lobby area where you’d enter after walking through the front door. They had a pro shop off to the side with extremely expensive hockey gear and equipment, or you could simply pay the $5 to get your ice skate blades sharpened. I remember thinking to myself back then that it must cost a lot of money to operate an ice skating rink. First of all, you need industrial chillers to keep the ice cold and prevent it from melting. I can’t imagine the sort of air conditioning systems that are implemented to keep the air cold as well. But when you walk into the lobby area, there is heat running to keep everyone warm that isn’t in the skating area. So you have lots of heat running on one side of the building and cold air chillers on the other. It must cost lots of money for all of that heating and cooling energy. It’s especially bad in the summer when outdoor temperatures work against the ice staying cold indoors.


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