I mistakenly thought my UVC bulbs were still good

I’m fascinated by the topic of lights, especially electric ones.

My father was a lighting designer before becoming a lighting salesman, so the concept runs through my blood.

I considered becoming an electrical engineer before I moved into physics instead. The topic is so broad that you can go to a number of different places. My first physics professor was an aerospace consultant for the government before retiring and becoming a teacher at my university. I’m still not exactly sure what I’m going to do with my physics degree, but I have some time before I finish graduate school to get all of that figured out. This week I get to reawaken my interest in lights because I am learning a lesson on UVC bulbs for air conditioners. Apparently the UVC bulb continues to emit light past the point of its effectiveness. After a year of being on 24 hours a day, the UVC bulb no longer sanitizes the inside of your air conditioner or the air moving through it. This means that you must remember when your lights were installed and get them replaced in time. I had no idea until my HVAC technician told me. I’m glad to finally learn how I’m supposed to deal with the air conditioner and the lights that go inside. While I’m no longer focusing on lighting in my free time, it’s still nice to learn something new about an old interest of mine. I decided to get extra UVC bulbs so I don’t have to purchase them next year when my HVAC technician returns to do a full system inspection and service procedure. That way I will get new UVC bulbs when my coolant is topped off for my HVAC system.

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