Working for an editor of the heating industry magazine

Since I was young, I have constantly appreciated writing, but dad bought myself and others a notebook with a lock for our second birthday, which filled up within a week.

I would write down everything I saw and the experiences I had.

My parents saw our passion and invested in our enthusiasm for writing. I now work as an editor for the heating industry magazine, and I care about it. Growing up, our dad owned a heating dealer, and I heard, saw, and l acquired much more about heating, even without intentionally trying. I would see HVAC professionals come over to either do heating system service or replace the aged method with modern heating, and I would ask them questions about their job. I was interested in information and knowing what dad did all day when he left for work. I would interview our parents and then write a report about what they did for work. When I graduated from university, I worked as an editor in a heating business. I wanted to experience working at a different corporation from our dad’s because I wanted modern insight. I would inform our readers about the latest trends in whole-beach home heating. I would also educate them on maintaining their appliances, including heat pumps and smart temperature controls. My vision for the magazine was to have the heating servicemans and homeowners find something exciting and insightful in the magazine. I would interview professionals such as heating dealers about their jobs and what is involved in different processes, including the heat pump installation. I also wrote copy for the dealer’s website and analyzed the reviews left by the clients who had received help with indoor comfort from the professionals. It has been such a fantastic journey, and I appreciate our job. I still do personal writing in our journals.

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