She didn’t get sick which was a blessing

Daisy has been having a pretty awful time the last few weeks.

If she didn’t have awful luck she’d have no luck at all, as the saying goes. Her partner and kids got COVID last month. They were all immunized, however it didn’t matter. Somehow Daisy didn’t get sick, which is a blessing. But she still has to take care of 5 sick people, which is a lot of work. Daisy is doing her best to stay well, because if she gets sick, who will take care of all the people? As if that wasn’t enough, she began experiencing trouble with her central HVAC plan at a time when she needed it more than ever before. Daisy noticed some minor faults with spotty air circulation, so she decided to check on the air filters to see if they needed changed. Much to her surprise she found that the plan did not have an air filter in it at all. This was so odd because Daisy distinctly remembers changing the air filter just 4 weeks ago. She didn’t remove the air filter, so what happened to it? No one in the beach house could answer that question, they were too sick and sleepy. Daisy had to upgrade the air filter, of course, but there was the larger issue of having breathed in the COVID-contaminated air for several days. She relies on the HEPA air filters to remove harmful viruses and bacteria from the air. Daisy took a COVID test and it came back negative, so hopefully she dodged a bullet and the current HEPA air filter will protect her.


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