The prices on parts and equipment are going up on the first

I left the office on the 23rd, 24th, and 25th.

  • I didn’t go back to the office until Monday morning on the 26th and I had a ton of emails to read.

Some of the emails were advertisements and some of the emails were invoices from customers and clients. Some of the emails were from the corporate office. One of the emails was from the parts warehouse where we get all of the equipment for our HVAC store. The HVAC store sells and repairs many different types of heating and air conditioning system equipment. We also service and sell air purifiers, air filtration systems, water purifiers, and UV sanitizers. There was a huge list of items that were going to be included and there was a link to see the rest of the items listed on the company website. It looks like all of the prices on our parts and equipment are going up on the 1st of the month. That’s when the new year begins. Looks like I am looking at a 3% increase on all of the HVAC parts and equipment for repairs and installation jobs. I’m going to need to figure that into my budget for the next quarter. 3% is only 3 cents on the dollar, but those dollars and cents add up very quickly when you buy 10 or 15,000 worth of parts and equipment each and every week. I really wish that the parts and equipment warehouse would have given me a much bigger heads up. Then I would have had time to look around at other distribution warehouses for better prices.

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