My tire was flat as can be on a busy saturday

Friday is the busiest day of the week for most businesses.

When the weekend is near, everyone is rushing around trying to get last minute stuff done. I always try to take care of my errands and chores before the weekend, so I can have that time off with my kids. I have to work at the HVAC repair and installation service center every other weekend, but on the weekends when I am off, my kids come first. Last weekend we went to the aquarium on saturday. The kids learned a lot about sharks and I thought it was an interesting learning exhibit as well. On Sunday after church, I took the kids to a pizza shop and we played video games for a few hours. This weekend I had to work on HVAC repair and installation jobs. I got through Friday without any incidents, so I thought it was going to be a smooth weekend. Unfortunately, Saturday was extremely busy with repair calls. I was on my third HVAC call for the day when I got a flat tire on the work truck. I was finishing up with a repair and I came out to the truck to grab my paperwork so I could write an invoice to the customer. I noticed the front passenger tire was flat as can be. There was no way for me to pump it up or add fix a flat. The tire rim was on the ground. I had to call a repair shop to change the tire, because I didn’t have the right tools on the HVAC repair truck.

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