My best friend got a task working at the hotel

I’m entirely happy for our best friend, but I am secretly jealous that he got a task toiling at the casino.

I love to gamble and play cards and I already spend about half of our time gambling there.

There are only several casinos close by and this one is entirely the closest to our apartment, then my friend Jack and I have been toiling in the A/C repair industry for about 5 years. Jack finished his internship before I did, but the two of us have both been at the same exact place for nearly the same amount of time. Jack told me that he got a task toiling at the casino. I didn’t realize that the casino had task possibilities for A/C repair and replacement workers. Jack told me that the casino keeps a couple of certified repair workers on staff for emergencies in the living room, hotel lobby, elevator, staff area, and the casino, and when concerns happen, they have someone there right away to repair the problem. Jack told me how much he was going to get paid for the task at the casino and that made me even more aggravated. I want to be happy with that guy, but I wish that I would have thought about applying for the task instead of him, he told me that he would keep an ear out for any other task possibilities that I might be good for. I do not guess if he means that or not, but I suppose it would be easier to get a task if I already knew someone that was toiling there.

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